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Preparation and support – Mind, Body and Soul 

Firstly congratulations, in taking one of the most special steps in this world. Becoming a parent!  It can be a daunting step whether you are expecting your first, second or fifth baby. As a mother of 4 children I can tell you that each birth, each child has been such a blessing, a whole different experience each time and so much learning for me as a mother!

My transition to motherhood was way more of a challenge than I ever expected. A challenge for which I was unprepared despite attending antenatal classes, reading books and having a belief that I would be ok. I gave birth to my daughter and was traumatised by the experiences I had – I was frightened and unprepared and felt like I didn’t have a voice – a visitor to my babies birth. I since realised it doesn’t have to be like that at all. Regardless of the challenges along the way, the place you birth etc – you invite others to the experience. With the right tools and space provided – you can have a conscious connected and positive birth experience. The journey is physical, emotional and especially spiritual.

Experienced a traumatic birth/ trauma in postnatal period?  I specialise in a very quick and effective therapeutic programme to lift the heavy feelings and legacy connected to traumatic birth experiences (including postnatal depression and PTSD)

For more information and details of our Birth Trauma treatment and support please see my Facebook page http://Healing together – birth trauma support

It is an honour to walk part of the journey with you.

Make giving birth your greatest achievement NOT your greatest fear!

Make being a confident and assured parent your reality

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