“We’re just going to have an open mind and see what happens”. “I don’t want to be stuck to a birth plan , I’ll just take it as it comes” 

For some this approach suits and of course they birth their baby but there is no reference point for any of us as to how birth would have been if we had approached it differently with a knowledge of the body , experiencing a practice, body simulation of the birth experience. Birth is not an academic process, quite the opposite. However to have a background knowledge a body memory of what happens in birth is invaluable for those preparing for birth. There are lots of different types of birth preparation – the key I believe is the simulation – the space and time to reflect and practice, to let go of fears to understand the truths and debunk the myths for both parents and or birthing partners.

On my journey of learning as a child birth educator I have learned SO much that I absolutely wish I had access to this knowledge, belief and community of womanhood 18 years ago when I gave birth to my daughter. I look back and reflect on that experience and recognise how mainly fear and poor positioning in pregnancy and during labour massively impacted on what was a traumatic lengthy birth. It is this that often motivates my passion for the Complete Active Birth workshops that I facilitate with couples individually and groups. How do I capture the absolute difference it makes? – frequently the feedback I receive is retrospective and only after the birth has happened. Couples become aware of how valuable the Birth Preparation has been during and after the process especially.  Mark and Liza describe their birth as a ‘wonderful experience’ which was facilitated by the hospital team with support and respect when it was clear that they were prepared and understood they had different choices in every respect to their babies birth. Regardless of how things were progressing they had a handle on what was happening – eliminating fear and medicalising of their sons birth. The birth was ‘amazing’, with the midwives commenting on how wonderfully prepared and calm they both were throughout the whole experience.  Their ‘Active Birth’ was very different to the original birth planned by the consultant- a planned C section.

You only know what you know at any time. I now know lots of Spinning babies techniques – which I can’t wait to share in the Active Birth preparation workshops.

One question – What else have you ever done in your life has been so important that you took a laissez faire approach to? Yes we are designed for birth but our current lifestyles and societal structure has reduced our exposure to birth practices and knowledge which was inherently and intrinsically passed form woman to woman – the young to the old.

How are you planning and preparing for your babies birth? 

Our next Complete Birth Preparation Workshop is Saturday 28th May 2016 09:30-5pm – spaces are limited to 6 couples – suitable from 26 weeks pregnancy.

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