So you’ve had your new baby – the birth is over … amazed, shocked, happy, tired, in love, numb – all those feelings sometimes all at once! You did it – you have successfully given birth to your new baby. You become aware of the enormous  responsibility to care for your precious vulnerable bundle. So many questions – is this right? what’s that mark? Why is he still crying? Am I doing this right? How many feeds?! Is that a normal newborn baby sound? So often I hear parents saying that they wish they had invested time in practically preparing for the actual practicalities of looking after their new baby. More often than not new parents feel that giving birth is the huge hurdle, only to find that they long for information and reassurance on how they are managing. Big Steps Little Feet Newborn Baby Preparation Workshop covers everything from reading your baby’s cues to the practicalities of poo – how often?, nappy changing and feeding. Why wouldn’t you spend time together as parents considering and practicing the use of equipment and understanding your baby’s needs. Its so much easier to do that before the baby arrives and is a great way to start the next leg of your journey as a new parent with a strong foundation.

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