The First Step: Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes with a difference!  Big Steps Little Feet Birth Preparation workshops are holistic. The emphasis in this birth preparation  is on the mind body and soul during pregnancy and birth. This is different to other antenatal classes. The programme content combines medical science with emotional and spiritual aspects of birth, motherhood and parenting. This Birth Preparation is not superficial – it is detailed. I combine learning and knowledge from Active Birth teaching & holistic therapies to Spinning babies techniques.

I am delighted to offer bespoke Birth Preparation workshops in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
This Complete birth preparation workshop focuses on labour and birth – managing the body and minds reactions to the sensations of labour and the physiology of birth. Understanding the design and physiology of a womans body allows for a deep understanding of how to support your babys birth – all the strategies and skills to enhance labour and birth. The learning on this full day programme is detailed and empowering. It is recommended for both a woman and her birth partner / companion etc. Workshops are facilitated for all expectant parents regardless of gender, coupleship etc.  A total of 6 hours learning, bespoke and specific to you and your baby birth, your circumstances, your fears, your lifestyle. 1:1 workshop at home is facilitated in one day, usually 10-4pm,  which is intense but fully immerses you in your birth and baby preparation. This gives you the space and time in a very busy world to devote yourselves fully to the knowledge and experiences offered. It is also super convenient for working parents and no late nights required!

Thank you Melanie for such an amazing preparation for birth. You were with us all the way during my labour and birth. Ava was born this morning at 4:06 am. We had a completely active birth and managed the challenges along the way because you had prepared us so well – from breathing to positions and especially CONFIDENCE. The midwives were so impressed with our team work and knowledge! Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!

To get in touch and discuss your individual requirements please call Melanie on 07841 657141.