The Third Step – Parenting Toddlers

Parenting toddlers is a whole new dimension!

It can seem to happen overnight, your baby becomes a little person with their own ideas which may not be the same as yours!  The sleep or meal routine that was working yesterday may not work today as your toddler develops a great command of the word NO!! Parenting a toddler is not always easy.

Cant’ feed, won’t eat!  Can’t nap, won’t sleep!…  Sound familiar?  

Don’t worry you are not alone, by understanding developmental milestones and the changing needs of toddlers I can work with you to get the support you and your family need.  I provide:

  • Bespoke strategies to support and understand sleep challenges
  • Solutions to feeding and nutritional concerns
  • Potty training support
  • Assessment of behaviour and developmental worries
  • Assessment and therapeutic support for postnatal depression and baby blues

…. Taking into account your parenting style and what is important to your family and you as parents.

Do you have lots of questions you would like to ask your Health Visitor but you don’t have the time or space in a health-visiting clinic  Maybe you’re fed up of meeting a different Health Visitor each time and would like to have a consistent and familiar friendly face.

Do you know other mums that could benefit from a visit? Why not host a pop up clinic in your own home? Weigh your babies using appropriate medical scales and each have a one-to-one with me.

As an Independent Health Visitor I can provide necessary referrals to other professionals in the NHS e.g. paediatrician, speech therapist etc

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