The Second Step: Postnatal, the early days

Life with a new baby can be a rollercoaster of joy and laughter, tears and frustration.  Parents may experience a wide variety of concerns which include:

  • “My baby only feeds a little then falls asleep, I’m constantly feeding her
  • “We cannot get into a routine!”
  • “He’s crying all evening and night, I don’t know whats wrong!”
  • “My baby has a rash and spots, is this serious?”
  • “Is it colic, maybe constipation”, “Is this a normal poo?”.
  • PLUS much more!

It would be so much easier if babies could speak!!  Why is your baby is unsettled/ crying?  What are they trying to tell you?  I can help you read and understand what your baby IS telling you by understanding his/her cues.  I offer a series of workshops to help support you with this, which include:

  • Feeding choices: breast or bottle feeding; understanding your babies feeding needs – how much, how often?
  • Skin care, nappy care and bathing baby.
  • Relationships: Self care and care of your relationship during the early days.
  • Communication and attachment moments: Understanding what your baby is trying to tell you.

As an Independent Health Visitor I provide postnatal home visits and advise on all aspects of health for you and your baby.  I offer the following services:

  • I will weigh your baby using medically approved scales and provide support and advice on ALL aspects of baby care, health and development.
  • Developmental assessments from birth to 3 years, with written record and areas highlighted for development.
  • Supportive holistic 1:1 talking therapy is available in relation to Birth trauma, post natal depression and anxiety related to being a new parent.
  • 3 Step Rewind Technique – a proven and efficient way to heal the symptoms of Birth Trauma in 3 STEPS!- pleases healing Together Facebook page for more information on how you can recover on a 1:1 basis and/or  as part of a group

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