Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond – Facilitator, Coach, Leader

Welcome to Big Steps Little Feet!

Preparation and support to step into parenthood
– Mind, Body and Soul 

My vision is to co – create loving birth experiences for babies and their parents. My approach is a conscious, connected one which holds sacred the mind, body and soul during this very special time of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Birth is all about transformation and transitioning – one baby, one mother, one father at a time. I wholeheartedly believe in the value of real support, care and understanding during these times. Without a doubt it is imperative and the impact is evident for years to come.

The approach I take is holistic, honest and transparent. I believe that real and trusted knowledge is power. Birthing babies is something that needs to be remembered by the body, mind and soul in context of the world we live in today. Decisions can only be made with knowledge and understanding.  All births are special. Not only is a baby born but a mother is born and a father is born.

Pregnancy, birth and beyond you are creating and shaping your families experience.
It is an honour to walk part of the journey with you.

Make giving birth your greatest achievement NOT your greatest fear!
Make being a confident and assured parent your reality.