1:1 Birth Preparation Course

My bespoke Birth Preparation course is held in the privacy and comfort of your own home over one day, usually 10am – 4pm.  The session is intense but fully immerses you in your birth and baby preparation. This gives you the space and time in a very busy world to devote yourselves fully to the knowledge and experiences offered. It is also super convenient for working parents and no late nights required! Limited availability.

  • Delivered by Melanie – an extensively qualified Specialist Community PublicHealth Nurse, Active Birth Teacher and Holistic Therapist
  • Comfortable therapeutic resources – bean bags, birth ball, blankets,
  • Handouts/reading materials provided for reference – no need to hold it in your head
  • Relaxation techniques and exercises for both mother and birth partner
  • Active Birth principles (Trained with Janet Balaskas , London)
  • Hypnobirthing principles, resources and techniques
  • Step by step through each stage of labour and birth – a tangible physical experience again no need to hold it in your head
  • Includes meditation for relaxation and connection with baby and or partner.

This Birth preparation is for you if you would like your birth experience to be CALM, CONFIDENT, and CONNECTED. Complete Birth Preparation Workshops are dynamic and holistic. The sharing of high quality information serves not to teach you how to give birth but to make it easier to tap into what your body already knows. Unfortunately often this knowledge has been undermined, medicalised and abandoned in the recent history of childbirth.

This birth preparation is designed for the mind body and soul.  As in life, there are no guarantees with birth. However, with this comprehensive birth preparation course you are guaranteed to have the strength and courage to lean into birth, to know exactly how your body works in labour and birth.  With excellent, reliable and current information you will be inspired to be unafraid and develop a full toolkit of comfort measures and skills for your labour and birth – included in a full simulation of a birth experience

The session will cover:

  • Physiological changes in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy
  • How the uterus begins to anticipate the onset of labour
  • What to do to optimise the conditions for labour
  • Positions the baby may adopt and how to encourage optimal foetal positioning
  • The female pelvis and the openings to the pelvis
  • The wonderous womb – how she functions
  • The sacrum and it’s movement in labour
  • The role of hormones in the onset and establishment of labour
  • The optimal environment for hormone secretion and practical advice on how to achieve this space both at home and in the hospital environment
  • How to tell the difference between pre-labour and first stage
  • How labour may start – What about induction?
  • How the baby enters the pelvis – babys journey
  • Active birth positions to help the baby’s descent
  • Coping with the sensations and pain of labour
  • The role of the birth partner
  • Birthing the placenta
  • Welcoming your baby

During the sessin you will develop a toolkit of Practical skills for labour and birth including:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Concious affirmations for birth
  • Massage techniques
  • Complementary comfort measures
  • Considerations for your birth plan
  • Decision making during labour and birth
  • Receive expert insights about common medical interventions, and when to use them
  • When medical assistance is offered – using your BRAIN and handbook


We can’t recommend Mel and her consultancy enough. We had an all day session on birth preparation with Mel . Mel’s session was much more in depth and practical than NCT. My husband and I both felt so much more empowered and knowledgeable after her workshop. We went from being scheduled for a C section to giving birth with confidence, together – amazing! ”


Course Details

Course Fee: £395
Location: Your home in Wokingham or the local surrounding areas
When should I book the course:  I recommend booking your course as soon as possible to ensure availability.  The best time to complete the course is when you are between 28 – 34 weeks pregnant.


Baby Bundles

SAVE £95 when you combine this course with our newborn baby course