1:1 Newborn Baby Preparation Course

My 1:1 Newborn Baby Preparation takes place in the comfort of your own home.  This 3 hour course is designed to ease your worries and concerns about how you are going to manage after birth and caring for your brand new baby. Often parents who complete the Complete Birth Preparation workshop as a 1:1 decide to do this workshop as a couple in their own home with their own equipment etc. Parents to be and new parents find this comprehensive workshop invaluable – get all your questions answered. High quality information – reliable, current and practical from start to finish. During the course we will cover the following topics:

  • Communication with your new baby – understanding baby cues/ reading signals and tuning into your baby – this is the foundation to  confidence with your new baby – challenging in the early days when its all so new and you’re getting to know each other.
  • Attachment – bonding with your baby
  • Fulfilling your babies needs confidently
  • Feeding choices and guides how to breastfeed / bottle feed/ understanding the infant feeding in relation to whichever mode of feeding you are planning to use.
  • Skincare – guide to skincare / rashes and other newborn skin related issues
  • Bathing – from how to fully bath to when? how often? and  with what?  etc
  • Soothing your crying baby – its normal for babies to cry – how best to interpret their needs and soothe them accordingly without getting frazzled and overwhelmed!
  • Nappy changing and all the other things you may want to ask or find out more about!


“The new baby workshop focused on post birth care, really connecting with your baby as an individual and understanding how to understand and talk to your brand new baby. Mel answered all our questions and gave us invaluable advice on knowing what lay ahead and how to cope with the tricky first days and weeks”.


Course Details

Course Fee: £195
Location: Your home in Windsor or the local surrounding area
When should I book the course:  I recommend booking your course as soon as possible to ensure availability.  The best time to complete the course is when you are between 28 – 34 weeks pregnant.


Baby Bundles

SAVE £95 when you combine this course with our birth preparation course
SAVE £130 when you combine this course with our birth preparation course and private health visitor visit