The First Step: Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes with a difference!  

Big Steps Little Feet Birth Preparation workshops are holistic. The emphasis in this birth preparation is on the mind, body and soul during pregnancy and birth.  The programme content combines medical science with emotional and spiritual aspects of birth, motherhood and parenting. This Birth Preparation is not superficial – it is detailed… because knowledge is power!

I combine learning and knowledge to include Active Birth, Holistic and Yoga therapies (including working with breath) and Spinning babies techniques.

1:1 Complete Birth Preparation Course

Some parents choose 1:1 birth preparation if they have experienced previous birth trauma, fertility treatment, anxiety, addiction etc. For first time parents who do not want to sit in a group setting and would like to have a more individualised birth preparation course this workshop is definitely for you. Together, we explore labour and birth, developing a body of knowledge and a toolkit of breathing techniques, positions, massage and understanding. 1:1 Complete Birth Preparation programmes are delivered over the course of a day in the comfort of your own home – places are very limited.

The course is intense but fully immerses you in your birth and baby preparation. It is especially important for birth partners who have a most important role in the birth room. Learn how to enhance the process and be of maximum support and value to your partner during labour and birth.This gives you the space and time in a very busy world to devote yourselves fully to the knowledge and experiences offered. It is also super convenient for working parents and no late nights required!

I absolutely welcome same sex couples and those becoming parents through surrogacy or adoption those who have had assisted conception.

1:1 Birth Preparation Refresher Course

Ideal for expectant parents who have already given birth and would like to refresh their knowledge and dedicate some time together as a couple, preparing for their next babys birth. 

Newborn baby course

Life with a new baby can be a rollercoaster of joy and laughter, tears and frustration.  Parents may experience a wide variety of concerns which include:

  • “My baby only feeds a little then falls asleep, I’m constantly feeding her
  • “We cannot get into a routine!”
  • “He’s crying all evening and night, I don’t know whats wrong!”
  • “My baby has a rash and spots, is this serious?”
  • “Is it colic, maybe constipation”, “Is this a normal poo?”.
  • PLUS much more!

It would be so much easier if babies could speak!!  Why is your baby is unsettled/ crying?  What are they trying to tell you?  I can help you read and understand what your baby IS telling you by understanding his/her cues.  My newborn baby course is designed to help prepare you with the knowlege to answer these early questions.


Thank you Melanie for such an amazing preparation for birth. You were with us all the way during my labour and birth. Ava was born this morning at 4:06 am. We had a completely active birth and managed the challenges along the way because you had prepared us so well – from breathing to positions and especially CONFIDENCE. The midwives were so impressed with our team work and knowledge! Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!

“Mel has a wonderful way about her, supportive and informative, and all very much without judgement, whatever your decisions are”.

To get in touch and discuss your individual requirements please call Melanie on 07841 657141.