What I do – Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Are you pregnant? Looking for an antenatal workshop , which will help to prepare you for what the birth is really like?  Have you just had your baby and need some support with your newborn babies health and development?

The first step is naturally the birth of the baby.  Antenatal workshops are a great place to start to understand what happens during labour and birth and to be as prepared and empowered as possible, CLICK HERE to find out more.

The second step the early days, understanding what your newborn baby. There can be issues with feeding, colic, fussiness, sleep etc can really be very upsetting for everyone involved. There is such a lot of advice out there and everyone has an opinion. Be prepared with a newborn baby preparation workshop. Had your baby already? CLICK HERE to find out more.

The third step is all about how you can be best supported in the transition into parenthood.  CLICK HERE to find out more.

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