The Second Step: Postnatal, the early days

Often people who have started the journey through birth and baby preparation enjoy a continuity of service through my Independent Health visiting services

It is said that it takes “a village to raise a child”. Sadly, there is no village in the modern world. Through the services offered at Big Steps Little Feet I offer to facilitate the creation of support in the absence of a village

The book shelves are groaning with babycare do’s and dont’s. Doctor google can give more anxiety than answers!

Why not book a home visit to have expert reassurance and guidance in the comfort of your own home.

During a home visit I can:

  • Weigh your baby using medically approved scales
  • Complete a full assessment of your babys health and development
  • Advice on feeding, skincare, behaviour, colic, reflux etc
  • Full weaning advice and support
  • Understanding “normal expectations’ of self and baby

When I leave you can expect to feel assured and have a plan of action with a review contact arranged.

Independent health visiting services can be commissioned in accordance to the community / agency profile required.