I am delighted to have worked with some amazing families, here is what some of them have to say:

We were delighted with our private Birth Preparation Workshop. Melanie was very knowledgeable and informative but we felt she went above and beyond what you would expect, exploring previous birth experience, empowering us to do things our way and all this in the comfort of our own home.

Melanie makes you feel empowered, relaxed and was very inclusive with regards to the role of the birth partner/father.

We are looking forward to further workshops and our home visit once our daughter arrives!

Lisa and Martin

32 weeks pregnant - Private Birth Preparation Class

“such a great environment created with LOTS of useful and practical information. Melanie highlighted things I didn’t even know I needed to know! We were able to ask lots of questions and Melanie gave straightforward honest advice – Thank you so much – it was soooo helpful!


Potty training workshop at Busy Bees Nursery Egham

Big Steps Little Feet antenatal workshop exceeded our expectations as an antenatal class. Melanie made me feel really at ease. Big Steps Little Feet helped us realise that birth is a very natural experience and we are now really looking forward to the experience.

Laura and Phil

30 weeks pregnant - Private Birth Preparation Class

Thank you so much – it was a very valuable session. I feel so much more prepared and reassured.I look forward to the next workshop on Toddler discipline.


Potty training workshop - Busy Bees Egham

As a father it was really helpful and interesting to know all about the hormones in labour and birth and what they do, how they work. From all I have learned at the workshop I have a better understanding of what happens and how I can really help during the birth.


Dad to baby James - Group Birth Preparation Workshop

Melanie from Big Steps Little Feet came to our home for one to one Birth Preparation class. She fitted in with our work schedule. We covered so much and feel fully prepared for our baby’s birth in August. Melanie was kind, caring and soooo non judgemental. It was very special. We are looking forward to coming to the post natal workshops in September.

Lucy and Johnathan

36 weeks pregnant with baby Emma - Private Birth Preparation Workshop

Melanie is a true professional and our session with her completely exceeded our expectations. She listened to us patiently and gave us fantastic advice. We left the session feeling motivated and armed with the tools to tackle our specific challenges. Thank you for an amazing service. We would recommend Melanie and the services of Big Steps Little Feet to any parent who needs some open and honest perspective on any aspect of parenting.


Update 3 months later – Thank you so much Melanie it worked – stress has reduced in our home and we are finally getting some decent sleep!

Linda and Tony

Parents to 20 month old and 5 year old children - Toddler discipline 1:1 support

Melanie has been a great support to our family at different times. We have 2 children and as any parent will tell you having children can be emotionally very stressful especially when things don’t go according to what you read in the text books.  Melanie is by far the best Family specialist / Baby Specialist we have had the pleasure of being advised by.  Both of our children have been on the whole healthy however they both have had feeding issues which Melanie supported us through as well as our experience of post natal depression. Melanie’s advice and care are second to none and her ability to connect emotionally with us as parents is what sets her apart.  We have no hesitation in recommending her services to other parents.

Alicja and Richard Park

Mum and Dad of 2 children - Home Visits and Consultations

Thank you Melanie for all the support you have given me and my wife preparing for our birth. We were truly prepared for our birth experience in so many ways. Even when things were not going as expected we were able to stay calm and apply the principles of our learning with you to every step of the birth. The fact that you have been contactable and supportive along the way has been of enormous support to both of us. We feel truly blessed to have had such an amazing experience.

Paul and Darina following Big Steps Little Feet 1:1 birth preparation workshop – March 2016 – parents to Harry 8lbs 2 ozs

Paul and Darina

First time parents - 1:1 Birth Preparation at home.

Our baby is due in eight weeks time and we have had some private antenatal workshops with Big Steps Little Feet, which covered the first steps in birth preparation. Melanie, who ran the workshops is very empathetic, very knowledgeable, calm, patient and extremely friendly. She is very well balanced, covering things from the ladies and the mens perspective. Melanie has a very wide breadth of experience including, counselling, midwifery and nursing – she brought in a whole host of things to the workshops. I thought Big Steps Little Feet workshops were really great and helped us bond as a couple.
27 Jan 2016

Mark and Liza

First time prints - 1:1 Birth Preparation at home.

Just wanted to thank you for all you did in helping us prepare for Dylans birth and the support you have given us afterwards. There was no comparison with our NCT class! We really enjoyed the workshops at the time but during and after the birth we realised all the difference it made and how prepared we really were. The midwives commented on my great skills in being such supportive birth partner to Liza. Your course has been second to none and I highly recommend the services of Big Steps Little Feet to any new parents to be.

Mark Bangham

After the baby! 1:1 Birth Preparation at home.

Pre Birth: Melanie was attentive to answer all our questions during the course and helped clear limiting beliefs. We feel a lot more confident and better equipped to take control over the birthing process, trusting that our instincts and newly acquired knowledge and techniques will lead us to a wonderful experience. Thank you Melanie!

Post Birth: Given that its mothering sunday weekend we are inspired to write you a note and thank you and your mothering energy. Your mothering instincts and nurturing care go way beyond your family and permeate the ones you touch, through your professionalism, your friendship and your love. Mattias and I would love to encourage you on your journey of the mothering instincts (gift enclosed) with forever grateful hearts and appreciation for having you as a motherly figure at this most special time. (Birth Doula August 2015)

Helga - mum to Matthias

Birth Preparation /newborn baby preparation and Birth doula august 2015

Melanie helped me so much when my son was born and everything was new and scary! She made me feel much more confident. I also needed her help with weaning and she did a great workshop at my house for myself and other new Mummies. Definitely recommend to any new parents

Hollie - mum to Raphael

New baby home visit and pop up weaning workshop at home

The whole session was fab from start to finish. Very informative, Melanie is so friendly but she really knows her stuff. Thoroughly enjoyed the Active Birth session and would recommend to anyone!


1:1 Birth Preparation at home.

Melanie came to see me at home to help me with my 10 month old babys sleep. She helped me make changes to our routine and techniques to settle him during the night when he didn’t need feeding. As a result my son is sleeping through until 6am – I can live with that!  She listened and gave me her full care and attention. I was feeling very emotional and Melanie was very kind and a great listener. She provided continued support through text and email. I am very grateful for all your support Melanie and I highly recommend Big Steps Little Feet to any struggling mums.


Mum to Joshua - sleep assesment and support

Since Melanie has started her work with The Egham Nursery and Pre School Academy we have been delighted with the work she has done both with the children and families who use our setting.  We have had lots of positive feedback from families about how reassuring it is to have someone like Melanie on hand to answer any health or developmental queries or concerns with their children.  The children she has observed or seen with their parents have built up excellent bonds with her and the parents who have used the service have felt reassured that the advice and information they are receiving is credible, helpful and coming from not just a medical background but an empathetic one too. Melanie has not only put on clinics for us at the nursery but has also run workshops on various different topics including toilet training, nutrition, behaviour management and sleeptime for the parents.  This has positively impacted on the children as on days they attend nursery we are able to implement the things Melanie has advised on and work with parents closely following Melanie’s advice.  The staff have welcomed Melanie’s advice and expertise and she spends invaluable time with the staff in the rooms helping them with certain things such as teething advice, eating and sleep patterns too.


Amy Taylor, Busy Bees

I have been going to Mel’s coffee mornings for a while due to the warm welcome, the lovely mum’s I’ve met and the support that I get every time which has been invaluable after I had my second baby. I was feeling quite lonely and was new to the area and even though I have an older child I still had much to learn and Mel is always helpful and caring. There are not many women out there like Mel… she gives so much and asks nothing in return. I joined her Birth Trauma Group after two quite traumatic births and we have done some very useful exercises that have helped me enormously. I am extremely grateful for this as there has been no help out there for me previously and I was unable to have the space to work through my feelings around my children’s births. The non judgemental environment makes it easy to share, listen, support and work through feelings and issues.
I feel extremely lucky to have met Mel and the mum’s in the groups. I would highly recommend Big Steps Little Feet to anyone who is pregnant or who has a baby!


Abigail Halonen

An amazing organisation led by a truly inspirational lady that helped us in so many ways. Melanie was our doola, our nurse, our teacher and gave us a better way of parenting that went beyond anything NCT or any other organisation offered. As new parents we truly felt better prepared with Big feet little steps in our corner. There are some reviews you do that dont mean a lot, and there are others where you really want people to know about the real value and deep love of the service one gives in the hope that more people share the experience you went through…and yours is definitely the latter! I dont know what we wouldve done without you Melanie….youre the gift that keeps giving!!


Indi and Sevak Bola parents to Maskeen age 10 months

After having an independent midwife we knew that having continuity of care was something really important to my husband and I once our baby was born.

Our midwife recommended Melanie and from the moment we met her we knew she was going to be amazing support from the start. I suffer with PTSD after the birth and Melanie provides not only Baby/toddler courses but also birth reflections sessions which has helped me begin to process my feelings, thank you! What struck me in one of our early telephone conversations that she asked how my husband was. No one asks how the dads are!

As a first time Mum you provided unprecedented support when it comes to anything Baby and parent related! Any worried or issues I have, a quick text or call and immediately my mind is put to rest. This was especially needed in the early days with a premature baby! When you pop over to weigh our baby or do a developmental check (which is even more key with our baby as she could developmental issues being premature) you stay for hours answering any questions we have and it’s always at a time to suit us.

We really cannot thank you enough and we look forward to the next couple of years as you watch our baby grow and continue supporting us with such compassion and kindness as always!”


Victoria Whicombe-Jones